TUG 2015 - Program & participants

Schedule summary:

Presentations (tentative schedule)

Monday, July 20

8:50amSteve Peter Opening
9:00amRoss Moore Semantic enrichment of mathematics using ‘active comments’ (preprint; full paper published by Springer in M. Kerber et al., Eds.: CICM 2015, LNAI 9150, pp.15, 2015; more.)
9:35amOlaf Drümmer PDF/UA—what it is, how users can benefit from it, and how to get it right
10:10amRoss Moore and Peter Selinger Using pdfx.sty for producing validating PDF documents (preprint)
11:00amJoseph Wright XeTeX and LuaTeX: Getting Unicode data into the right places
11:35amWill Robertson Reconciling unicode-math with LaTeX2e mathematics
12:10pmBogusław Jackowski, Piotr Strzelczyk, and Piotr Pianowski All the characters we need
2:00pmBogusław Jackowski, Piotr Strzelczyk, and Piotr Pianowski Six GUST e-foundry math fonts and what next?
2:35pmFrank Mittelbach Twenty-one is only half the truth
3:10pmHans Hagen What if …
4:00pmCTAN State of CTAN
4:35pmJoseph Wright State of the (UK-)TeX FAQ
4:45pmBarbara Beeton, Volker Schaa In memoriam: Richard Southall, Pierre MacKay, Hermann Zapf
(post)Herbert Schulz Workshop: TeXShop tips & tricks

Tuesday, July 21

9:00amPavneet Arora Fluss: A flow leak monitoring system
9:35amTom Hejda Preparing LaTeX classes/templates for journal articles and university theses
10:10amBoris Veytsman and Michael Cohen A new multibibliography package: nmbib
11:00amBoris Veytsman and Leila Akhmadeeva Trilingual templates for an educational institute in Bashkortostan, Russia
11:35amPaul Gessler Pretty-printing Git commit history graphs with PGF/TikZ
12:10pmq&a / tug meeting
2:30pmMessel Pit excursion Gather at bus, see info above.

Wednesday, July 22

9:00amKaveh Bazargan and Jagath AR TeX—After 35 years, still the best solution for modern publishing
9:35amJoachim Schrod DocCenter: TeXing 11 million documents a year
10:10amS.K. Venkatesan A proposal to construct pagination as a three-step cookie-cutter process
11:00amJoseph Wright Through the \parshape, and what Joseph found there
11:35amJulien Cretel Functional data structures in TeX
12:10pmHans Hagen When to stop …
1:45pmgroup photo
2:00pmBoris Veytsman TeX and controlled access to information
2:35pmEnrico Gregorio Recollections of a spurious space catcher
3:10pmq&a / end
7:00pmbanquet Cafe Rodenstein, see info above.


  1. Leila Akhmadeeva, Bashkir State Medical University
  2. Jagath AR, River Valley Technologies
  3. Pavneet Arora, Bolton, ON
  4. Kaveh Bazargan, River Valley Technologies, UK
  5. Stefan Bedacht, TU-Darmstadt
  6. Barbara Beeton, AMS
  7. Nelson Beebe, University of Utah
  8. Denis Bitouzé, Université du Littoral Côte D'opale
  9. Johannes Braams, Zoetermeer, Netherlands
  10. Gyöngyi Bujdosó, University of Debrecen
  11. David Carlisle, LaTeX3 Project
  12. Jennifer Claudio, Synopsys Outreach Foundation
  13. Julien Cretel, University College Cork
  14. Rajagopal CV, River Valley Technologies, India
  15. Christine Detig, Net & Publication Consultance GmbH
  16. Michael Doob, University of Manitoba
  17. Olaf Drümmer, callas software GmbH
  18. Graeme Duffin, Huddersfield, UK
  19. Dominik Fischer, TU Darmstadt
  20. Ulrike Fischer, Mönchengladbach, Germany
  21. Yukitoshi Fujimura, Ichikawa-shi, Japan
  22. Deimantas Galčius, VTeX
  23. Roland Geiger, Leipzig, Germany
  24. Paul Gessler, Milwaukee, WI
  25. Steve Grathwohl, Duke University Press
  26. Gary Gray, State College, PA
  27. Enrico Gregorio, Università de Verona
  28. Hans Hagen, Pragma ADE
  29. Tom Hejda, Czech Technical University in Prague
  30. Klaus Höppner, TUG and DANTE e.V
  31. Bogusław Jackowski, Gdańsk, Poland
  32. Timm Knape, Wehrheim, Germany
  33. Harald König, Balingen, Germany
  34. Jonathan Komar, ITH icoserve
  35. Stefan Kottwitz, Lufthansa Industry Solutions
  36. Reinhard Kotucha, Hannover, Germany
  37. Siep Kroonenberg, Groningen, Netherlands
  38. Sebastian Krüger, Berlin, Germany
  39. Yusuke Kuroki, Yokohama, Japan
  40. Dag Langmyhr, University of Oslo
  41. Bruno Le FLoch, LaTeX3 Project
  42. Manfred Lotz, DANTE e.V.
  43. Jerzy Ludwichowski, Toruń, Poland
  44. Henri Menke, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany
  45. Lothar Meyer-Lerbs, Bremen, Germany
  46. Frank Mittelbach, LaTeX3 Project
  47. Ross Moore, Macquarie University
  48. Gerd Neugebauer, Groß-Gerau, Germany
  49. Heiko Oberdiek, Sasbach, Germany
  50. Petr Olsak, Czech Technical University in Prague
  51. Steve Peter, TUG
  52. Susanne Raab, ECAP, Uni Erlangen
  53. Arthur Reutenauer, Royal Opera House, London
  54. Will Robertson, University of Adelaide
  55. Petra Rübe-Pugliese, CTAN
  56. Volker RW Schaa, Darmstadt, Germany
  57. Joachim Schrod, Net & Publication Consultance GmbH
  58. Martin Schröder, Duisburg, Germany
  59. Torsten Schuetze, Talheim, Germany
  60. Herbert Schulz, Naperville, IL
  61. Peter Selinger, Dalhousie University
  62. Keiichiro Shikano, Tokyo, Japan
  63. Martin Sievers, DANTE e.V.
  64. Matthew Skala, Copenhagen, Denmark
  65. Linas Stonys, VTeX
  66. Piotr Strzelczyk, Gdańsk, Poland
  67. S.K. Venkatesan, TNQ Software
  68. Boris Veytsman, George Mason University
  69. Ulrik Vieth, Stuttgart, Germany
  70. Herbert Voß, DANTE e.V.
  71. Alan Wetmore, US Army Research Laboratory
  72. Joseph Wright, Northampton, UK

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