NTS alpha-test programme

Dear Colleagues —

First of all, the NTS team would like to thank you for your enormous patience; many of you have been members of the NTS-L list for years, yet there has been hardly a word of complaint concerning the silence thereon.

At last, the silence is ended, and NTS is ready to enter alpha test! Although not yet quite complete[1], NTS is now at a stage where we would like to solicit informed comment and criticism from members of the NTS-L list. If you are willing to become an alpha tester, and are willing to comply with the few conditions outlined below [2], please reply to this message via e-mail; I will then allocate you a username and you will then be granted access to the current NTS sources and support files. I hope to hear from some of you soon!

Philip Taylor,
Technical Director,
NTS Project,
for and on behalf of the NTS Team.

  1. Significant omissions from current release :
    • current-language support;
    • hyphenation;
    • alignments;
    • file searching.

  2. Access to the NTS alpha-test code is restricted to named individuals who have read and accepted these terms and conditions. Please indicate by electronic mail whether you are willing to abide by these, in which case a username for your individual use will be allocated.
    • Access to the NTS alpha-test source code is granted solely for the purposes of evaluation; no warranty, either expressed or implied, is given concerning the reliability of this code, and use of this code is entirely at the risk of the alpha tester. In particular, the NTS group will accept no liability for any damage caused to any system on which the NTS code is compiled or run, no matter whether such damage is caused by the NTS code itself or by user error.
    • Access to the NTS alpha-test source code is granted on a strict non-disclosure basis. Re-distribution or publication of the code, in whole or in part, is explicitly prohibited.
    • Access to the NTS alpha-test source code is granted in order to obtain user feedback on its design, performance, robustness and implementation. It is a condition of access that a report on one or more of these elements be submitted electronically to NTS-L@Urz.Uni-Heidelberg.De Such a report should normally be made within six weeks of down-loading the code, and in all circumstances within three months.